Zaiko the Cyclone was an orc that was part of Zaitosh's orc tribe in the Orc Cave. Zaiko wielded double scimitars and was a master swordsman. He could also summon Ankhegs to fight for him. Brother to Zaitosh the Thunderer.

Zaiko fought the warparty during Operation Greenfall, but was slain during the fighting.

Abilities Edit

Zaiko could attack twice with his scimitars.

Whirlwind (Recharge 4-6) - Zaiko moves up to 15 feet. Zaiko may make a scimitar attack on up to 5 creatures of Zaiko's choice that pass within 5 feet. Attacks of opportunity taken while Zaiko is using the Whirlwind action have disadvantage.

References Edit

Zannerman's twitch stream 10.4.2017

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