White Rock Ridge is an area composed of a series of bluffs, named after the white rock that is native to the region. More towards the south the bluffs become increasingly forested along the border of the forests.

To the north the region borders The Orchard and the Orcsgrave Mountains.

Enemies Edit

Dire Wolves ambushed a party.

Lions have been sighted

Large White Bulls wandering about in a herd were spotted.

Notes Edit

- There is a cave in the region called White Rock Cave.

- There was a White Stallion rumored to have been seen in the region. The White Stallion turned out to be a Druid named Talion.

- There is a old White Rock Temple in the region. Within lies a circle of blue glowing runes. A band of adventurers defended the temple from an army of skeleton delegates, skelegates if you will...

References Edit

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