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This is a Wiki for the /r/West_Marches subreddit group. It is meant to act as an archive of information about the environment and citizens of Haven and the surrounding areas created by /u/Taylorderek.

Make use of the categories below to navigate or check the latest additions at the bottom of the page.

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Code of Conduct Edit

This wiki is publicly available, and editors have a large host of privileges to create and edit pages as they see fit. The Wiki belongs to no individual, but is an archive for our community. In that respect, there are a few rules that are designed to focus the goals of the project.

Page Creation Edit

Pages can be created by anybody, about nearly anything. There are currently category tags as listed above, and there will be one for Adventures once pages dedicated to adventures are created. Please refrain from making unnecessary pages, such as duplicate pages with different titles or pages that are irrelevant to the West Marches campaign. Treat this wiki like you would an actual archival building. Your contributions should help other visitors to learn about the places, events, and people that are a part of the community.

Pages about player characters should not be submitted unless the character is deceased. This is to preserve the RP experience of meeting new players, and exploring their backstories and personalities without already reading their entire history. Out of respect, it is a soft rule that the player who created the deceased character be the only one to edit that character's page, unless permission from the creator is granted.

Comments Edit

The comments section serves two purposes. On most articles, the comment section allows editors to discuss and propose changes to the page. On articles of deceased characters, the comments section acts as an oral history, where living characters share stories of their adventures with the fallen PC.

In all comment sections, it is expected that conversations will be held with the goal of collaboration. Do not engage in flame wars, and do not engage with people who try to start them.

Style Guide Edit

This wiki follows a specific style guide so that all pages are formatted similarly.

References Edit

References to posts and quotes that back up the content in an article are encouraged. When adding references, follow the following format, with all dates and times in military time set to UTC.

For Reddit Posts Edit

Username. "Name of Post in Quotations" /r/nameofsubreddit. (Date Accessed) Source URL

Here is an example of a citation for the "Rules of the Subreddit" post:

/u/0924ryno. "Rules of the Subreddit" /r/West_Marches. (March 19th 2017)

For Reddit Comments Edit

Username of Commenter. "Name of Post Being Commented On" by Username of poster. /r/nameofsubreddit. (Date accessed) Comment Permalink

Here is an example that cites the comment that named the town:

/u/GingerTron2000. "'Whats in a name?' The town has no name, and we need you to come up with it!" by /u/Dauricha. /r/West_Marches. (March 19 2017)

For Citing Images on the web Edit

Name or Username of Poster, "Name of Image" Image Hosting Website. Date Accessed. Permalink URL

Here is an example that cites the first image in the /r/West_Marches subreddit:

/u/Dauricha, "The Bront's Guild Trading Post" Imgur. March 20 2017.

For Discord comments Edit

Username. Date and time posted. Discord Server Name "Thread name." Date Accessed.

An example of a citation from the chat would be formatted as follows

@Taylorderek. March 20th 03:16 UTC. West Marches "#general." Accessed March 20th 2017

When referencing content within the Wiki Edit

Pages within the wiki may not be used as references. Links to other pages in the wiki are encouraged otherwise

For example, it is inappropriate to use the Barim wiki page as a reference on the Haven wiki page to substantiate claims like, as an example "the town of Haven is to the Northeast of the town of Barim." Instead, cite the reddit post that details the location of the towns as a reference, and link to the wiki pages when the name of the page is mentioned.

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