These caves are in the South West of Haven.

An initial expedition went there to find the source of a disease[1], and may have come across a small part of it inside the caves. A second group, with Himo Longbeard as the leader, went back and explored it further.[2]

Area descriptions Edit

Troglodyte Cave Layout

The cave-system can be entered from the North East, where a small strip of landing can be walked on next to the river. The stream is full of fast-flowing water, which can be crossed by use of stepping stones to get to area 6.

  1. Area full of mushrooms. Spores can cause either stuns or illusions. Encountered a Myconid in this area.
  2. Opening to larger cavern-system. Unexplored for now.
  3. Small excavation site. Group was ambushed by a Grick in this area
  4. Former dining hall of the operation. Otyugh had made its home here, got evicted by adventurers.
  5. Small area for the former overseer. Papers describing nature of the operations were found in this location.
  6. Statue of Torog. Has a servant Duergar called Karthas locked in a cage, of his own volition.
  7. Bedrooms of the overseer. Very fancy decorating.
  8. Workshop, was in use by Troglodytes. Cleared of said Troglodytes. Workshop currently unusable.
  9. Underground lake. Water from here flows down the stream and out of the mountain, down towards Orlock.

Creatures encountered Edit

Troglodytes (casters as well), Duergar, Giant Toads, Giant Rats, Otyugh, Grick, Giant Lizard, Myconid, Goblins, Hobgoblins, Koa-toa, Titanoboa.

References Edit