"Cracked swords, splintered shields. Dusty hides, pickled heads. Flickering orbs, and pages of strange dancing letters. All these trophies and more decorate the Trophy Hall. No one is entirely sure how it started. Maybe it was the almost hypnotic words of Matthias, the well spoken tavern keeper. He can often be drawn into tell one of his countless tales, when he isn't offering advice to weary travelers, heroes, and the like. But he also likes hearing what the adventurers have to say."

-Description of The Trophy Hall [1]

Trophies Present: Edit

A strange arrow lies on a shelf, split in two. It's head a shaft are made of a strange material, not metal, wood or stone. The White fletching on the other half of the arrow is splattered with drops of blood, still looking wet despite the layer of dust covering the arrow.

On a rough shelf on a side wall lie two carved skulls, one that looks like it might come from a wolf, the other resembling a crocodiles. Inset in the mouth of the wolf carving are some fangs, a few chipped, from which dangle a shiny pair of reptilian eyes. Closer inspection shows a thin, clear coat of resin protecting them. Besides them on the shelf lies a burnt and bloodied sky blue robes, marked on the center by a fist picked out in gold thread. The embelm is marred by dried bloodstains.[2]

Nearby the carved skulls, a thin sword protrudes from one of the wooden beams. A rough plank balances precariously on it, supported on the other side by an old peg sticking out of the wall. Lying atop the plank is a small wooden figure, its features too worn to see. The dried blood covering the figure doesn't help much either. Above the carved skulls, mounted on the wall is a large wolf skull. Many times the size of a normal wolf, the only possibility is that this is the skull of a direwolf. [3]

Hanging from a peg near the door is a worn coat, threadbare, its colours fading. In a few patches, holes have been covered with bright patches of cloth, clashing with the coat itself. Clearly this was an item of value to its owner. Above the coat is a small piece of parchment, glimmering slightly in the flickering firelight, saying [4]

"The true spoils of this adventure were our lives, a thing we almost lost entirely"
On a spot on the floor, almost inconvenient, lies a rock. Whenever its in the corner of your eye, colours run across its surface, like oil on water, but as soon as you look at it, it appears to be a plain rock. A nearby sign denotes it as Garry. [5]

Mounted above the bar are an impressive pair out antlers, reaching forth from the plaque like a trees branches [6]. A few minor trickets hang from its prongs.

An impressive staff lies upon a shelf. Its twisted yew length is adorned with a colour display of feathers, clearly from many birds. Almost hidden amongst the plethora of feathers are bird skulls, hung from the staff by small leather loops. [7]

Lying, almost carelessly, on one of the low tables is a ancient skull. Small bits of withered flesh, and brittle hair still adorn the skull. Most noticable however is the dagger, stuck up to the hilt into the skull. A rumour around Haven is that anyone that can remove the dagger without touching the skull will learn where the wight's lair and treasure horde lie. [8]

Order of Haven:

A selection of grisly trophy adorn a tidy shelf, claimed via small plaque, by the Order of Haven. Upon the shelf lie a severed ghouls head, and a decapitated Half-Ogre's head. These flank a wolf pelt, upon which lie a selection of giant Hyena Fangs. Leaning against the shelf is a large, crude greataxe. Upon the face of the axe, towering of the head of all but the tallest patrons, a small piece of parchement labels it as the Half-Ogre's weapon. [9]

A small piece of red crystal lies on a shelf, along with a plaque. The note reads "Not even that which is not dead can escape Bhaal's gift of death." [10]

Memoriums Present Edit

Standing in the middle of a prominent shelf stand a pair of Silver Dragonborn statues, around 6 inches high. They both have extraordinary detail; the first showing an unarmoured dragonborn with his staff raised, as if in mid blow, the snarl clear to see on his face. The second has a serene expression, despite his shielf raised, as if to protect himself from some monstrosity. Before each statue lies a large feather, its extremities striated with beautiful shades. Beneath the two statues lies a piece of parchment with the following inscribed.

Sweet voiced Muses, daughters of the Goddess, Well-skilled in song, tell of the long-winged Moon. Bring Your light into my darkness show me the truth in the, as rough as it is hewn
Guide their souls Mother, allow me to have even a fraction of the faith your champion Doroth had. Let him dine in the moonlight and happiness at your right hand side this night and all nights in perpetuity. I offer myself, and my faith in the place of the light that Doroth brough.
In Memorium of Doroth Xiros and Brother Tythor. The world is dimmer now.
Beneath the Statues, a battered shield leans against the wall. A large hole has formed on one half, the metal surrounding is distorted and discoloured by the impact. [11]

A glaive leans against one of the walls, the end of the blade broken off and missing. A memento to yet another fallen comrade [12] Beside it stands a sizable urn, with a maul leaning upon it. Its stone head is chipped and stained with dark brown.[13]

Broken bird

Near the glaive, upon a low table lies a battleworn longsword. It's length is chipped and it's edge is visably dulled. Its leather wrapped hilt is stained a dark brown in places, and its once carved pommel only bears the faintest impression that it once held an image. Beside the sword lies a carefully written message'[14]

Behind the bar, in the row of Barrels is one covered by a pink cloak. On it's face, above the tap is a large piece of parchment, dedicated to a pair of deceased adventurers. Whenever anyone orders a drink from that barrel, it is an unspoken rule to toast the two heros.[15]

Callin - He was a true hero, always thinking of others before himself. He died protecting others, and in doing so, saved the life of a young boy
Rinn - A child in body, but a loving man at heart. Saved and looked after two bear cubs, Bella and Stefan. He will be remembered for his sacrifice.
Melted into one of the tables is a small candle. Long since burnt out, the wax has run and melted into a message carved beside it, saying "Give 'em hell Jiggy. GR" On the other side of the candle is a carving, the could just been seen to be a displacer beast - in the right light. [16] Further down the same table is a rock with large crystals growing out it directly. The light seems to shine strangely on the crystals, almost seeming to slide off of them[17]

A warhammer stands against a wall near the door. Its handle point towards the ceiling, and close examination of it reveals the green strands twists their way up the haft from the grip. A few candles burn around the hammer, accompanied by some flowers, some old, others new.[18]

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