The Grasstides is a region that surrounds Haven on all sides. It is a plain of grass with strange smooth rocks scattered about the entire region.

To the south the region borders the Orcsgrave Mountains, to the south east The Orchard stretches out. To the north the region borders the Northern Forest. To the west stretches the Swamp of Hagknuk. To the east lies the Slumbering Fields.[1]

Enemies Edit

Members of the Halfling Eye Tattoo Bandits have been spotted in the region.

A Skeletal Horseman has been reported to have assaulted a party.

Bands of Goblins have been seen stalking the Grasstides.

Giant Snakes have been fought in the Grasstides.

Bands of Orcs have been encountered in the north-western Grasstides.

Locations Edit

The Orc Cave

Notes Edit

- Himo Longbeard discovered that the stones are not really rocks, though similar in their looks.

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