On one of the early adventures, a group of heroes followed a tale, told by a goliath girl, which says: "If you follow the river to the North-West of Haven, you will find an ancient temple of Goliath."

The Temple of the Goliath was well guarded but in the end, all but one hero, who perished trying to save his friends, found treasures in form of gems, gold, potions and other things.

One of those valuable treasures were "The Bloodstones of Entangled Minds", which have the following property:

The two bloodstones are a pair, by holding one on your person you learn the general location and well-being of the person holding the other. As an action you can smash the bloodstone and send a 25 word message to the other as long as you are both on the same plane of existence. The other stone becomes inert when used.

As far as the rumours of Haven have spread truth or falsehood, the two gems are currently owned by a member of Haven's Light.

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