One of the Guilds in Haven. This guild is shrouded in mystery with very little being known about them, few even know of its existence.

Confirmed Members Edit

Name Class Level
Kaleb Monk 4
Shalamantey Sorceror 4
Quiliana Druid 4
Wurgen Fighter 4
Himo Fighter 4

Confirmed Mission Edit

The Hunt for the Red Owlbear Edit

This was the initial mission to announce the Talon's presence in Haven. The managed to track the Owlbear down that killed the very first character in the West Marches, Adoven, and took revenge. A short transcript can be found in Owlbear Knight. [1]

Other Information Edit

Members of the Talon often wear a dark and rich cloak. The most precious of these cloaks are lined with Owlbear pelt.

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