Nobody knows what their acronym stands for, even they themselves seem to be having trouble figuring it out.

Standing for Half-Orc rights in Haven, THACO is a collective of only the handsomest, awesomest and charasmatic orcs. The Core Philosophies of THACO are finding good mates, havin' a drink together and making sure there's someone good at your back in a punch up. To this end, THACO opened its arms to any who embraced those philosphies.

However, since the deaths of many of its members, THACO now only lives on in the heart of Gorosh Razortusk, who some claim to be the Orciest of HalfOrcs. Perhaps if enough interest was gathered, THACO could be reborn.

Members Edit

  • Gorosh Razortusk

Deceased Members Edit

  • Therog Razortusk
  • Jiggy
  • Rinn
  • Good Lovin'