The Swamp of Hagknuk are located to the west of Haven, and stretch down from the northern Grasstides to the Orcsgrave Mountains.  Mostly devoid of life, it is known to be controlled by a coven of Hags who enjoy luring unwary adventurers to their death.  They can be accessed via the port at Orlok. 

Enemies Edit

Known enemy types include:


Snakes (various, all poisonous)


Swarms of Bees/Insects



Hags (Night, Green)



Known NPCs Edit

-The Hags of Hagknuk: a coven of three hideous hags, they are known to roam the entirety of the swamp, but are rumoured to be based in the abandoned Monastery near the center. They enjoy stalking their prey over time, weakening their life essence at night before finally confronting them. Rather than outright killing their opponents, they prefer to maim and humiliate them instead. They are extremely powerful as a group, and are able to control both undead and even hydras.

-Nimaiiel, Keeper of Light in the Darkness: a fey spirit, she inhabits a restored region of the southern swamp. Although she is extremely welcoming of guests, the entrance to her abode is well-hidden and known only to a select few. She is locked in a struggle with the Hags for influence over Hagknuk, and claims that if the Hags are defeated, the Swamp will be returned to its original lush form.

Known Locations Edit

-Monastery: a former bastion of light, the monastery has since been taken over by evil forces. Several groups of adventurers have travelled there in search of riches, but no-one has been able to discover the source of the mysterious light that shines from the chantry at night. The Hags have made this their temporary base of operations.

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