This order seeks betterment through chaos, only by surrounding themselves in turmoil can they truly focus and find true calm.
Order of the Twilight's Storm
While the followers of this order are typically seen as emotionless and cold, the practice actually encourages embracing emotion. The monks typically find their inner calm by allowing these emotions to wash over them, never trying to restrict or control but instead centering themselves amidst the chaos.

The Order of the Twilight’s Storm accepts those from all walks of life, giving all that cross its threshold the tools to control their path. While an accepting order, do not mistake it for a forgiving one. The training is rigorous and endless, many that join do not survive the first few weeks. Those that do never see the world in the same light, they embrace the chaos that surrounds them while never becoming part of it. These monks exist outside the rest of the denizens of the world, ever vigilant, ever learning but never ingrained.