The Order of Haven was founded to band the various adventurers that make up the majority of Haven's population together in order to protect the burgeoning town. Also known as the Protectorate, the Order of Haven prides itself on an aggressive approach to defending the inhabitants of Haven.

The majority of the Order's members form the Protectorate, tasked with defending the Grasstides from encroaching evils.

The Order of Haven has three distinct goals:

  1. Secure resources for growth
    1. Safe passage for commonfolk
    2. Building materials (wood, stone, metals)
  2. Eliminate direct threats
    1. Orcs
    2. Halfling gang
    3. Gnolls
  3. Pacify dangerous areas
    1. The Iron Mines
    2. The Mithril City of Phergus
    3. The Orchard
    4. The Eastern Forest

The Order has two branches, the Vanguard and Legionnaire. The Vanguard is tasked with scouting out and exploring new enemies and lands while the Legionnaire sweep in and eliminate the threats found. The Vanguard is led by Thomas "Corsair" Sutha while Shieldmaster Irmelyn heads the Legionnaire.

The Mage's Guild, upon a loss of nearly all their members, folded into the Order of Haven, helping the Order with the first major construction project, Hightower Shield, a guild hall containing a library of fantastic works and magical secrets.

Missions Edit

Training Mission: Surprise Rounds and Killing HoundsEdit

The first official mission undertaken by the Order of Haven on April 8, 2017, led by Thomas "Corsair" Sutha. With the intent of growing the ranks of the Order and helping newer adventurers find their way in the cruel world of Haven, the party of Corsair, Pterry Longdong, Pyle the Pottler, Henrei and Rukarno of the Swamp found their way heading north, to visit the Shrine of Tofi.

Along the way, the party met, and defeated, a bevy of enemies including 3 half-ogres and a gnoll pack before concluding that they had gone the wrong way from the outset and decided to head back to Haven. Finding some tracks on the way home, the party purged the Grasstides of a pack of zombies and a ghoul before enjoying their well earned loot.