Orc cave

The Orc Cave is a location in the Grasstides, west of Haven. The entrance to the cave is a 8-foot wide hole in the ground with a ladder wrought into the stone leading down 60 feet into a cave with mushrooms. In the mushroom cave there is a statue that guards the way forward. The cave continues for an hour as a series of natural caverns until it splits into two passages, one leading to a store room [1], the other to a large cave [2] with several exits.

Adventures Edit

Operation Greenfall Edit

A warparty consisting of eleven adventurers set out from Haven to avenge the death of Arthur. The warparty encountered an orc by the name of Emer "Dwarf Killer" who was expecting Jiggy Alistars return in the large room [2]. The two fought but Jiggy was knocked unconscious. As the party went to kill the Dwarf Killer, an Orcish ambush was sprung where they appeared out of the walls.The new enemies consisted of Six orcs, two Shamans, Zaiko the Cyclone, Zaimal the Coming Storm and Zaitosh the Thunderer. As the battle raged and the warparty defeated more orcs two Ankhegs were summoned by Zaiko. In the ensuing conflict Jiggy was decapitated by Zaitosh, but the orcs fell one by one, until Zaitosh was the only one standing. The orc chieftain surrendered but was slaughtered by the warparty to avenge both Arthur and Jiggy. The party found later that the orcs had traded what they had stolen for new weapons and armor.

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