Mithril Rapier Edit


Found during an excursion to Pheragus, this magical sword was embedded within the hide of a Flesh Golem. Corsair, Slade Bronson, Ryear and Calliope came upon a burned village in the Ancient Forest, while in search for a "creature with multiple blades piercing through it." After my encounters, they saw the hideous creature lumbering through the small town, occasionally reaching up to try and grab the sword. They perceived that the rapier was the only thing that was truly causing harm to it. After much quick planning, they executed a brave attempt at tricking the monster into walking in a "rope-and-fire trap." Alas, the Golem was too strong, so they retreated back into the forest. But not before wrenching free the beautiful, blue blade.

As the mithril rapier moves through the air, soft singing can be heard in the air. Crudely etched on the blade, near the hilt, is the name Ambellina.

Mechanics: This rapier does thunder damage instead of piercing.