Lore: Edit

Markena's ring was made as a present from Iymril Telenna to his bride to be. Forged by master smith Zelkir in Ybliss, it consists of a brass band adorned by a small spider figurine made from a Tamarilian emerald. Truly a magnificent gift for a priestess of Llolth. However, Iymril never lived long enough to deliver this ring to Markena and it has passed on from one opportunist scavenger to another.

Mechanics: Edit

Requires attunement. 30 ft of climb speed. You can cast Web as a 2nd level spell using this ring. You regain the ability to cast this spell again when you finish a long rest.

Obtained Edit

The ring was obtained by Adrian Almeris, aka Wurgen, during the third excursion to Pheragus. He is also the one currently in possession of the ring. [1]

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