Description Edit

RIP AND TEAR, UNTIL IT IS DONE - These weapons scream in your head as you pick them up.These powerful wind-and-fire weapons were made by orcs, forged in a hearth of a large furnace, tempered by the winds of highest peaks and quenched in the clearest waters of the rain.

Features Edit

Once per long rest, the bearer may spend an action to activate an ancient mechanism within the weapon. Gears turn and parts shift as the weapon reconfigures itself into a more menacing version of the original.

For 1 minute, attacks made with this weapon ignore resistances (but not immunities)

Otherwise it functions as paired shortswords, 1d6 Slashing, Finesse and Light

History Edit

The blade was given to Jiggy Alistar by Malphas, an entity claiming to be time itself in a crow man village North past the Lizard Man village.

During Operation Greenfall Jiggy used Kazdumundul as a weapon against the orcs, but when he died at the hands of Zaitosh, the weapon was taken back to Haven as part of the loot.