The son of Ran, the village blacksmith, Kaldain had an idyllic childhood in his mountanous village of Cinderfell. A quiet community, Kaldain learned to love the simple life. However it was not to last. Shortly after his coming of age, a roving band of hobgoblin slavers assulted Cinderfell, taking many of its occupants, and forcing the rest to flee into the hills. Barely having time to grab a freshly forged spear from his father's forge, Kaldain was forced into the mountains along with the remnants of his village. Refusing to allow the hobgoblins to take half the village - including his childhood sweetheart Annrita, Kaldain inspired his friends, setting an ambush. The attack was a success, forcing the hobgoblins to retreat without their captives, but many lives were lost in the process. Despite being hailed a hero by the survivors, Kaldain could never shake the dead eyes of his friends and Annrita, dead because he did not do enough. Unable to stay in Cinderfell any longer, Kaldain left, spear in hand, promising to his father that he would help those who needed it.

Death Edit

Kaldain perished within Mithral City, barely stepping beyond the threshold before a lurking Gray Ooze dropped from the ceiling, engulfing Kaldain, Though his companions tried to save him, Kaldain was slowly digested over several days by the Ooze, in agony the whole time.

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