The Order's guildhouse, Highcastle

A small Forest Gnome greets visitors as they enter the large guildhouse.

"Hail and well met, my dude!" He stands before you awkwardly and adjusts his clothes before offering you a handshake. "Ahem... My name is Mason and I work here at the Order's Library. Please make yourself comfortable. I offer any assistance in your quests across the Grasstides."

As you turn to look around at the books, you notice a young maiden with sunstruck hair and loose fitting white robes. She is standing beside a desk and asks if you need any assistance. When you turn around to look at the child-like gnome, it seems he has disappeared...


Elena, the Order's bookkeeper.


Mason the Forest Gnome Assistant?

The young maiden goes on to explain that she is the caretaker of the library. She shows you around the large room and points out the small wonders contained here and its collection of tomes.

Books Edit

The Titles of the Books are as follows:

Artifacts Edit

There are other magical oddities placed on shelves around the library, which include:

  1. A Bloodied Doll made of Sticks
  2. The Upper Jaw of a Bear
  3. A Fat Grub (Labeled "From Rukarno")
  4. A Succubus Claw
  5. A Poison Apple from the Orchard with the caption, "Do not eat. Poison."
  6. A slain Twig Blight with the caption, "Collected at the Druid's Stump in south Hollowood."
  7. A fragment of a Needle Blight with the caption, "Collected at the Druid's Stump in south Hollowood."
  8. Two small mannequins with the caption, "Animated, acted out a play, then attacked at Celestial Theater in NE Grasstides. Controlled by a puppet without master."

Standing at the center of these items is a lit purple candle and placed it in front of an Order of Haven emblem. "In memory of..." Placed at the center of the Library is a wooden cage with magical runes etched into it. A placard reads, "Do not touch without consultation with Duscias, Wrenn, or Caldrim."

Wooden Cage

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