Haven's Light was founded by Thorfinn Gunvald and Slade Bronson, two paladins of the realm. The guild was created as a place for all men and women of righteous purpose. This includes clerics, paladins, and any bards or druids who have devoted themselves to good and serving justice.

Members of Haven's Light currently use the old church in Haven as their meeting hall.

The Three Pillars Edit

Haven's Light uses a council based leadership system. All members of the guild, which are referred to as Guardians, are equal in making most decisions within the guild, and have voting power whenever a decision must be made. However in order to have some sense of leadership, there is a small council of three, which are referred to as The Three Pillars. These members of the guild are voted in by everyone else to lead and make decisions that effect the guild on a higher level. Each Pillar has a three month term (three weeks real time) and then another vote is cast for who the next three should be. It is possible that a member may remain a Pillar for multiple terms, however this is ultimately up to the guild to decide collectively.

Signet Rings Edit

Haven's Light distributes platinum signet rings bearing the sigil of the guild to each new member. The rings bear the names of all their past wearers, as a way of memorializing their sacrifice, and achievement. The rings were forged of platinum, so that they would not only serve as symbols of each members allegiance, but as part of the component for warding bond.

Artifacts Edit

Haven's Light is currently in possession of the following artifacts.

Welzenhain, Mace of Righteous Fury

This weapon ignores magical resistances and deals an additional 1d6 radiant damage against monstrosities. Damage inflicted with this weapon leaves no physical sign of injury, such as cuts and bruises, and draws no blood. This weapon may only be attuned to a creature of good alignment. When in the presence of a chaotic evil creature, it’s handle heats up. Warning the user that evil is present.

Summer's Flame

Plant this spear in the ground as an action, and it deals 1d6 fire damage every turn in a 10 ft. radius, at the cost of expending 1 charge. The spear holds up to 4 charges, and it recharges 1d4 charges every long rest.