You sailed here. From home, from civilisation, from the old world as it is known by some. You come from a hundred different lands, on a thousand different ships, eyes firmly fixed ahead as you cross the vast ocean, eager for the first sight of land.

Though it takes an age, but is passed all too quickly, your voyage comes to an end. You step off at the dock of Orlok. It’s a small dirty place, with a simple stockade wall surrounding the few warehouses and hovels of the simple port. You shoved and knocked, someone swears at you in a language you don’t understand. You get out of the way as people continue to disembark, and unload the latest ship to have arrived. Soon you join on with a small caravan train. It’s a day’s travel to Haven, and it’s wise to never travel alone.

The horses make steady pace along the dirt track. It doesn’t seem right to call it a road. It winds pass the hills rocks and trees of the grasslands. What scant civilisation that exists here has to bend to the demands of nature. You keep your hands close to the tools of your trade. The guards are jumpy, their eyes darting here and there. A few times, you hear a faint roar or rumble in the distance. You try to tell yourself its only thunder, as the wagon train stops for a few moments, before carrying on.

Finally it appears over a hill. Haven.

Haven is a walled town, and the only known safe civilisation in the region, surrounded by wilderness. It is said that most of the inhabitants of Haven are "driven by the solemn greed of wealth that lies beyond the mountains, while others cannot live without the thrill of adventure."[1]

Just outside of Haven lies the vast fields of the Grasstides.

NPCs in Haven Edit

Delora - Innkeeper of The Anchored Plow

Maverick - A hunter that was near dying, but was cured.

Fella - Maverick's daughter

Calavan - Priest from the temple of A Thousand Faces

Royce - Blacksmith of Haven

Locations in Haven Edit

The Anchored Plow - Tavern

The Trophy Hall - Pub

The Shackles - Town Prison

Church of a Thousand Gods - Church to all Gods

Bront Guild Trading Post - Store

Royce's Smithy - Blacksmiths


The Guardhouse

References Edit

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