Anchorded Plow

The crackling of the hearthfire, the clinking of tankards and the soft thumps as their set back onto the tables. A low murmur of conversation resonates throughout the room. Behind the well stocked bar stands Delora, as always polishing some glasses with an old rag. She smiles at the new arrivals, setting down the glass. "What can I get you then?"

The local tavern, The Anchored Plow is the unofficial center of Haven. Standing near the Western Gate, The Plow has three stories, the top two filled with rooms that Havens constant influx of adventures can find lodging in. Behind the main building are a couple of smaller buildings, a storeroom, an outhouse, and even a small bathhouse.

The main floor is mostly taken up by the main taproom, a large room, with a crackling firepit in the center, a large stony egg laying beside it. Mismatching tables dot across the room, with a plethora of chairs scattered around, some tables with two or three, others with eight or nine. Opposite the door is the bar, Delora's Domain, as its sometimes know. Behind the bar are several large ale barrels, bottle after bottle of Elvish wines, Dwarvish spirits, Gnomish cocktails, and everything between, including a few bottles of rare Oricsh Firebrand, a harsh orc spirit. Beneath the bar, its rumoured that Delora keeps a large greatclub, known only as Peacekeeper, that she uses to make sure her patrons behave themselves. The bartop itself is covered by tankards and glasses of various sizes. Its surface is scratched and worn by use, here and there mared by graffiti in various scripts, mostly common, but a few etchings of dwarvish and draconic mar the surface.

The West Room Edit

West room

Just off the main room is a door leading to a quieter room, away from the occasional rowdiness of the main bar. It has a small bar, with a list of prices scrawled a board pinned onto the wall behind it, with the message

Ale 2cp, wine 6cp spirits 1sp
Pay up or leave
The West Room has low benches, a cushioned chairs surrounding tables lit with soft candlelight. The ceiling is lower in here than the main room, creating an intimate, comforting atmosphere, encouraging conversation, planning or simply a chance to sit back a rest in comfort.